here you can access messages between donor and recipient

A Bra Identification Number (B.I.N.) will be assigned to every donation. It is sent to donors  and given to recipients with the donation. The B.I.N. will enable both to anonymously create and access comments of encouragement and gratitude. If you’ve already donated or received a donation enter your B.I.N. below to leave or see a message.

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what our donors are saying
“I hope this small gift is the first brick in your path to a new high point in your life. God Bless.”
- Leslie from Akron

“I've been in situations in my life where I wished for a little generosity and now that I am in a better place, I hope I can answer a wish and help elevate another needy woman.”
- Traci from Lordstown

“I can't think of anything more uplifting that I could donate to a woman in need than a new bra. I bought this one especially to donate to BreastOasis. I hope it helps.”
- Carrie from Chevy Chase